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MyChange Purses

Helping Women Help Themselves

About MyChange Purses

To you, that purse no longer serves its purpose, so it sits in the back of your closet. To another woman, it can provide a renewed purpose. The start of a better future. Knowing she is valued and loved. Hope. My ChangePurses acquires gently-used purses, fills them with feminine hygiene products, and donates them to organizations who support the vulnerable female population in Central and Southwest Ohio. Their mission is to empower women to turn their vulnerabilities into possibilities and remind them they are not alone or forgotten.

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“In an age where we are all very connected, it is still difficult to receive timely, attentive and knowledgeable responses when dealing with customer service organizations. Not so with Engage – their team was quick, organized, and informed when helping me set up my website!”

Anna Schadler

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