Every visitor to their site has value and work to maximize that value just like every up in a retail environment is a potential sale. Even though every visitor will not hand over money, they can part with something that may prove just as valuable – their email address. Having a list of qualified, opted-in visitors can be very valuable to your marketing efforts, allowing you to reengage these visitors later.

Asking for an email address outright doesn’t usually doesn’t lead to repeat email success. The secret to getting a visitor’s email address and turning that email into a reoccurring customer is to think about what they want.

It sounds obvious, but it’s often ignored.

Think about what you have of value that you can offer in exchange for an email address. Obviously free is a good start, but it not always a sound business plan. Something like a “free trial membership” or a “free eBook” can entice visitors.

Try some of these methods to improve your sign-ups.

Welcome Video

A video welcoming visitors to your page always captures immediate attention. Try offering an invitation to enter into a Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest contest.

Sidebar Sign Up

This appears on the front page of your site, and continues to show up as visitors search throughout it. It increases the chances of it being seen and capturing an email lead before they exit.


Unlike pop-ups, browser blockers do not affect popovers. They can be set to appear on every visitor’s screen shortly after they arrive at your site. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce a free newsletter or free membership.


Facebook contains applications designed for email capturing. It is a great tool to promote as something “exclusive for Facebook fans”. After all, feeling like a VIP member is what email marketing is all about.