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The difference between strategy and tactics

Many small business owners are driven by short term needs and don’t differentiate between strategy and tactics.  Their first thoughts go to the web ad, direct mailer or newspaper insert they think they need.  The [...]

Why Mobile Marketing is the Smart Choice for Small Businesses

Mobile marketing is a broad term. And although different websites and agencies sometimes use different definitions for mobile marketing, most will agree that it includes marketing campaigns on mobile internet browsers, social media, apps, and [...]

The 6 words that guarantee marketing failure

I bet you already know what they are: “It’s how we always do it” These simple words represent an attitude common among lazy marketers that wonder why the results of their campaigns show steady declines.  [...]

Retail Marketing is Changing – Here’s Why

If you've been in the retail business for twenty years or more, you've seen many ups and downs in your market, and you've probably adjusted your marketing strategy accordingly. However, you've probably also noticed that the last [...]

Retail survival in an online world

We’ve all seen the dire predictions…online commerce in general, and Amazon in particular…is going to kill brick and mortar retail.  The rapid growth of e-commerce certainly feeds that emotion and statistics show a drop in [...]

Adapt Your Furniture Store to the Millennial Shopper

Figuring out how to market to millennials is not a discussion for the future, it’s not something that can be put off for a few more years. Millennials are in the workforce and earning a [...]

The line between editorial and marketing messages continues to blur

In the not-so-distant past the line between editorial and advertising was more like a wall.  Journalists were literally forbidden to speak with the sales team and marketers. Marketing messages that looked like articles were clearly [...]

12 Tips and Techniques to Take Your Direct Mail Marketing into the Future

Yes, you read that title correctly: Direct Mail Marketing. Although digital advertising is taking the marketing world by storm, direct mail is not a lost cause for furniture retailers. With the right strategy and process, [...]

Think of your marketing as a marathon, not a sprint

When it comes to how you think about marketing and expectations for results a little context is in order. Is marketing a button you can push for instant gratification?  Or is it an on-going exercise [...]